Why Register?

What is market research all about?

Companies and organisations are continuously looking to improve their products and services. To understand how they can do this they need to know the opinions of the consumers.

Our job is to find consumers to attend focus groups or interviews. Groups typically consist of 8 consumers and last 1.5 – 2 hours. The groups are informal and consumers may be asked about an existing product and how it can be improved or may be shown new ideas for products and services. Future advertising campaigns may also be tested. Participants often find the groups interesting and fun.

As a thank you the clients offer the participants an incentive, which can be anything from £30 to £150 depending on the nature of the research. As well as this you will also be rewarded by seeing a new product/service that has resulted from your contribution. In general, respondents are unlikely to fit the criteria for more than 2 or 3 groups per year.

How can I take part?

Simply complete our online registration form. If there is any part of the form that you are not happy completing, just leave that part blank, however supplying as many details as possible will help prevent you receiving irrelevant emails. Your details are never passed on or used to promote products or services to you. We are bound by the rules of the Data Protection Act and we adher to Market Research Society's code of conduct.

How often can I take part?

Please note that you must not see market research as another source of income. Our clients and their projects determine how often you are able to attend a group discussion. We also organise interviews, online surveys or accompanied shops which you are able to attend.

What next?

Once you have submitted the online registration form, you will start to receive emails from us listing relevant groups that are taking place. These will tell you the subject of the discussion group as well as the date, time & location. If you are interested in attending we request that you click on the link provided. Please note that registering your interest in a group does not automatically mean that you are booked in to attend that group - we call you first and ask you a few questions to check that you qualify. If you do qualify and you are happy to attend we then book you in and send you a confirmation.

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Previously Registered?

If you have previously registered with us but your details have changed then you should use the specific form to inform us of this.
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